aimthexder.png[Sister site to GameSetWatch, GamerBytes' editor Ryan Langley rounds up the top console digital download news of the last week, spanning Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, WiiWare, PSP Minis and DSi.]

Well after the announcement of the PSP Minis program, we've caved in - GamerBytes will now also bring you the latest news in Nintendo DSi and PSP mini software alongside Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and WiiWare titles! Can one man keep up with all this news? Highly unlikely, but he's going to try anyway.

Here's the top announcements and major store updates across these digital download sources over the last seven days - check out GamerBytes [RSS, Twitter] for many more:

Store Updates

XBLA Update - Invincible Tiger, Watchmen Part 2, NBA 2K10 Draft Combine, Castle Crashers DLC.
NA Nintendo Update - Mr. Driller W, Super Empire Strikes Back, Pop+ Solo.
EU Nintendo Update - Mr. Driller, More Poker, and Oscar In Toyland.
NA PSN Store Update - Invincible Tiger, Crash Commando DLC, PSOne Classics.
EU PSN Store Update - Smash Cars, Battle Tanks, Crash Commando DLC.

Microsoft (Xbox Live Arcade)

Indie Watch - Deadline A Go! And Z0MB1ES
"While there have been a large amount of new Xbox Indie Games out this week, two have been the standout titles - I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES!!!1 and Deadline A Go!."

Indie Watch: Kunio Series Returns With Downtown Smash Dodgeball
""Kunio" is a classic set of old games made by Technos, including old NES titles like River City Ransom and Super Dodgeball, and now Dodgeball is on XBL Indies!"

Massive Free Update For Death Tank - 13 New Weapons!
"Surprise! Death Tank, one of my favourite Xbox Live Arcade titles, has just received a big, free update featuring 13 new weapons and 10 new, unlockable tank designs."

2K Picks Up P.B. Winterbottom For Xbox Live Arcade
"P.B. Winterbottom picked up many awards in its student form, and will be fleshed out from its original prototype to feature over 80 levels."

Death Rally Incarnate - Scrap Metal Announced For XBLA
"Slick Entertainment, the development team behind N+ for the Xbox Live Arcade, have announced Scrap Metal - Super Off Road with guns."

Deals Of The Week Revealed For September
"The official Japanese Xbox blog revealed an all-XBLA deal month for September."

Sony (PSN For PlayStation 3, PSP)

Gameloft Reveal PSP Minis Lineup - What Can You Expect?
"Gameloft have revealed their plans for the PSP Minis program. Five of their most popular titles are making their way over from the iPhone and onto PSP Minis - Hero of Sparta, Let's Golf, Real Soccer 2010, Asphault 5 and UNO. But what can we expect from them?"

Square-Enix Revives Thexder For New PS3 / PSP Game
"Square Enix plans to release a ton of Xbox Live Arcade titles in the next year. Not even including their Taito titles, they're not leaving the PlayStation Network in the dust. They're reviving an old classic Thexder for PS3 and PSP, according to the ESRB."

Nintendo (WiiWare, DSi)

First Trailer For UNO DSiWare, Supports DSi Camera
"Gameloft has revealed the first trailer for the DSiWare version of UNO, coming to the system sometime next month."

Ninja Turtles Getting Re-Shelled On The Nintendo DSi?
"Say what you will about Turtles In Time Reshelled, but the game has sold incredibly well since its release on the Xbox Live Arcade. Clearly people want some classic beat-em-up action featuring the four Turtles, and now they'll be able to take it on the road - with the Nintendo DSi."