SegaSaturno, the same Spanish Sega community behind the release of fabled Sega Genesis 32X prototype game Virtua Hamster (which unfortunately turned out much less fun than its concept art suggested), has dumped and posted the ROM for another long sought-after 32X prototype -- X-Men: Mind Games.

Shown off by Scavenger, Inc. and Sega at E3 1995, the game was eventually cancelled, likely due to the 32X's unpopularity. According to the eBay seller who auctioned off the sample/prototype that SegaSaturno purchased, the companies only made a few carts to bring to trade shows, and most of them were destroyed. The auction ended at £510.00 ($850.55) two weeks ago.

The released ROM shows off some impressive 3D graphics and great music, but the game is far from complete, and in this Alpha state, it doesn't look very fun. You can download the prototype from Hidden Palace (It will only work on original hardware, and not in an emulator), and watch a couple videos from it below:

[Via Sega-16]