Anna "Auntie Pixelante/dessgeega" Anthropy, a familiar name here for her work on Calamity Annie and Octopounce, has a new sponsored Flash game titled When Pigs Fly now available to play for free through Newgrounds.

In this 2D platformer, you pilot a delicate, winged piglet (represented with an adorable squealing sprite) through several dozen screens filled with spikes, lava, and other obstacles threatening to tear off your wings. Some of the screens towards the end are intensely difficult to clear, but the feeling of reward that comes after their completion matches your efforts, and the game allows you to quickly jump into another attempt after you die.

Tim from posted this When Pigs Fly speedrun below (you unlock several modes after clearing the game), and he managed to soar through in less than four minutes with only nine deaths! In my first run, I completed the game in some three hours -- I stepped away from the computer to attend to non-pig-platforming matters at some point -- with around 460 deaths, at least 200 of those suffered at the omega-shaped screen.