Revealed earlier this week and garnering chuckles at every gaming site that posted the game's goofy subtitle, R-Type Tactics II: Operation Bitter Chocolate now has a Japanese trailer that you can sample -- you won't find any gameplay footage, but it's difficult to impassion gamers with clips of hex-based, turn-based strategy.

This PSP sequel to R-Type Command (as it's known in the States) will feature over 200 units -- double that of the original -- that players can manage on battle fields, as well as an increased emphasis on 3D cutscenes. Irem plans to release the game in Japan as a retail product for ¥5,040 ($53) and a digital download for ¥3,800 ($40)

There is no word yet on whether Atlus, who localized R-Type Command for North America last year, or any other publishers will deliver this box of Operation Bitter Chocolate across the Pacific.

[Via Siliconera]