Psytronik Software has released Knight 'n' Grail, its original Metroidvania-style game for the Commodore 64. The title is available as a digital download (.D64 format) for £1.99/$1.62, and in two disk editions -- budget and premium -- shipping this week.

You can get a good sense of Knight 'n' Grail with the new gameplay video above (the music is sublime) and this short description of the title from Psytronik:

"This epic arcade adventure features a brave Knight on a quest to find the only thing that will release his beloved from a curse that has turned her into a dragon - the magical Grail.

Many dangers await you as you explore over 200 screens on your quest to find the Grail. You are not defenseless however. You will find various weaponry and armour upgrades during your travels and you will even discover new powers that allow you to reach previously inaccessible areas. Lead on adventurer, your quest awaits!"

Should you choose to purchase a disk copy, the budget version includes a C64 disk with a glossy label, a full-color glossy disk sleeve, and a glossy instruction sheet. The Premium Edition includes all that and a classic-style clear plastic case (modeled after the cases Ocean, Rainbow Arts, and System 3 used for their releases) with artwork by Håkon 'Archmage' Repstad. You can see a photo of the case past the break.

Early impressions indicate that the game is huge (and fun!) -- certainly, it will keep you entertained longer than that C64 Twitter client I recently posted about. You can download or order Knight 'n' Grail from the Binary Zone Interactive Retro Store.