Adding onto our excellent coverage of fighting game event EVO 2009 by Michael Walbridge yesterday, NeoGAF member Majestros designed, implemented, recorded, and posted this collection of Ryu combos from more than a dozen Street Fighter games.

Compiling all of these combos is impressive enough -- Majestros worked on the production from last October to this July, finishing it just in time to premiere the video at EVO 2009 -- but the slick transitions between the different games/combos is compelling enough to keep you watching the entire clip even if you're not interested in the character or series.

While this tool-assisted video employed ASCII PAD V Pro programmable controllers to "bypass the limitations of manual execution", note that no cheats, hacks, or game-altering devices were used to create these combos.

Majestros was also behind the Guile Exhibition video from EVO 2007 and other Street Fighter videos famous within the community. You can watch all of those and download the Ryu Exhibition movie from the media section of his site.