Handheld gamers already have the TurboExpress as an official portable option for playing TurboGrafx-16/PC Engine titles (not counting the super rare and expensive PCE LT, as it's not very portable), but this homemade IntoGrafx system from UK modder Bacteria has several key differences:

  • Horizontal profile like the original Game Boy Advance, rather than the TurboExpress's vertical setup
  • Has turbo and region switches (for playing HuCards released in both the U.S. and Japan)
  • Uses a 5" PSOne screen instead of the much smaller and more problematic 2.6" TurboExpress screen
  • It's also red! Though Bacteria's system is a one-of-a-kind-handheld, he has posted instructions with pictures for those of you adventurous enough to consider creating your own.

    [Via Joystiq]