Game developer Chris McCormick posted this trailer for one of his game's he's porting to OSX and Windows from Debian GNU/Linux, Infinite 8-Bit Platformer. He notes the game is "heartily unoptimised", so its framerate appears low in the video.

Originally created as a GameJam entry last May, Infinite 8-Bit Platformer has no shooting or killing elements; it's all running, jumping, collecting, and editing levels/portals/items with the in-game editor.

McCormick envisions the game as a massively multiplayer experience, with players running into other people jumping around, chatting and trading with each other -- though he hasn't implemented these features yet.

"So basically I was hoping that if enough people used the game enough, we'd end up with a massive, social, network connected platformer which you could explore for hours and hours, always finding new and interesting things, places, and people," he explains. "Maybe I'll finish it one day, we'll see."

[Via Dutycycle]