Though the Wizardry franchise has been inactive in the States for most of the past decade, the first-person RPG series has seen almost 20 releases in Japan for PS2, Nintendo DS, mobiles, and other platforms. Apparently, the games' original U.S. developer Sir-Tech Software (now defunct) no longer owns the rights to the Wizardry name, having sold it off to IPM, a subsidiary of Japanese company GamePot, in 2006.

IPM recently revealed its intentions to reboot the series with even more console releases, and is currently working with hardcore game developer veterans Jun Suemi and Kenji Ito, who worked on the popular Wizardry NES ports, for the graphic design and theme music.

"The goal is to stage a renaissance for the renowned Wizardry name," says IPM producer Takeshi Iwahara, according to a Famitsu interview translated by 1UP. "There will be new titles, and two different developers are working on games for the Nintendo DS and PlayStation 3."

Gamepot also has Wizardry projects of its own, Wizardry Online for PC and a Wizardry Zeo manga, the latter shipping on September 9th in Japan. IPM and Gamepot will launch, a website bringing all these projects together, on August 3rd.