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Continuing the GameSetLinks fun and games, with another six links of death or so, starting out with, coincidentally, a link all about what happens if death in games really means death. And that's kinda scary, conceptually.

Also in here - the scarily expensive Nintendo World Championships gold NES cart, some very interesting group discussions about physics from the UK newspaper The Guardian, Jason Rohrer's Edge Online interview, the debut (finally!) of a commercial text adventure form Textfyre, and lots more.

A donut with no hole is a Danish:

SLRC - Suspiciously like Red Communism: Permanent Death, Episode 2: From Here to the Hearafter
Playing Far Cry 2 as if death is not a possibility.

Video Game Price Charts: 'How I Got Nintendo World Championships Gold'
One of the holy grails of video game collecting: 'I gave him an offer of $17,500, which was quite a bit lower than his asking price of $25,000.'

Published! – Jack Toresal and The Secret Letter « The Textfyre Times
One of the first commercial text adventures in a long time (aimed at the youth market) is finally out.

The truth about game physics, part five: conclusion | Technology | guardian.co.uk
A fun series, though some respondents clearly have ad agendas - here's the other parts

Can You Make a Board Game About the Holocaust?: Meet "Train" - Speakeasy - WSJ
Spoils the secret behind Brenda Braithwaite's thought-provoking board game - some commenters not impressed. Haven't played it, but I find the concept oddly prankish, interestingly provoking.

Interview: Jason Rohrer | Edge Online
Interesting interview - addresses the alleged backlash over him signing with a creative agency too.