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Managed to catch up on GameSetLinks, finally, and we're starting out with Michael Abbott's Brainy Gamer blog discussing why it feels like Suda51's output is worth considering as a body of work, as opposed to just some games that he happened to work on -- an interesting distinction.

Also in this set of links -- David Sirlin in detail about Evo challenges, UK Resistance's break for freedom, our own Kevin Gifford talks to Steve Harris about EGM's resurrection, notable irritants in MMOs, and various other things besides.

Stomp it:

The Brainy Gamer: Early Suda
'I say Flower, Sun, and Rain is certainly worth your time...but only if, like me, you're willing to accept the idea that Goichi Suda (aka Suda 51) is an artist whose oeuvre merits critical attention.'

Sirlin.net - Blog - Evolution 2009
Enjoyable discussion of the fighting game tournament from SFII HD Remix designer and EXTREMELY COMPETITIVE PERSON David Sirlin.

Chris Tolworthy - Interview - Adventure Classic Gaming
Quite obscure, but sounds interesting: 'a series of adventure games based on classic literature that are interconnected to form a larger game.'

The Fall and (Maybe) Rise of EGM from 1UP.com
'Steve Harris, founder and potential savior of America's former #1 video game mag, discusses Electronic Gaming Monthly's potential return to greatness.'

Psychochild’s Blog » MMO irritants
Totally fun list, of course, from a veteran dev.

Shiny Media - My bit part in its downfall by Gary Cutlack | The MCV Blog | MCV
UK Resistance's Zorg - in the comments section of his UKR post he also reveals how much they paid for the sites and how much he was paid, if you're nosy. And we know you are!