Over 30 years since the movie's box office debut, 505 and Paramount Digital Entertainment have announced that they will publish a game based on the iconic Grease film, describing it as "the original high school musical".

The companies promise that players will be able to "sing and dance alongside Danny, Sandy, The Pink Ladies and the T-Birds" with their planned Wii and DS games. Neither mention whether the games will feature Grease's popular soundtrack, a critical component to the movie's success (alongside John Travolta's bad boy attitude and Olivia Newton-John's next-door girl charm).

Interestingly, 505 adds that the Wii version will take advantage of the system's motion-sensing controls and microphone -- as far as I know, the only first-party accessory that can be described as a microphone is Nintendo's Wii Speak. The only retail title so far to use the voice chat device is Animal Crossing: City Folk.

The DS title will naturally take advantage of the system's touchscreen. I wonder if there will be Elite Beat Agents/Ouendan-style portions? Can players relive that scene where the T-Birds moon millions of National Bandstand viewers at the dance contest? Will there be a section where players get to race Greased Lightning? These are essential questions that must be answered.