RetroRemakes forumer Darkevildemon revealed a new project he's working on with programmer Tomaz Kac (Head Over Heels remake) -- a full-color remake of Ocean Software's 3D isometric CPC/ZX/MSX game Batman.

While the group doesn't have a release date or a demo out for the project yet, they report that they've completed 80 percent of the game's rooms, and plan to release something playable "very soon". Also, their Batman sprite is so adorable (somehow even more darling than the chubby-kid-in-pajamas sprite that was in the original game), that I couldn't help but share this early-in-development title.

You can see a short death animation for Batman and another screenshot below. And while you wait for the demo, you can also try out Watman, another PC remake of the original adventure game released in 2000.