Like the wonderful and oft-blogged Meggy Jr., Thumb Stadium is a neat handheld gaming system kit using a limited set of LEDs to display its game elements. While the Meggy Jr. is the size of a Game Boy Advance and has 64 LEDs at its disposal, though, Molten Voltage's Thumb Stadium is about half the size of a Game Boy Micro and only uses three LEDs.

With just those three LEDs, a button on each side, and a slide switch to turn the "Binary Gaming Platform" on, Thumb Stadium offers four different games, the first three of which are two-player games:

  1. ThumbWar - The object of ThumbWar is simple: press while the other player is pressing. If you do, you get a point.
  2. SlapJack - During SlapJack, Thumb Stadium randomly flashes the center LED red or green. Be the first to press when center is green and get a point. Don't press if it isn't green or the other player gets a point.
  3. Jai Alai - Center lights up ~ quickly press to "catch" your color. Press again to "throw" to the other player who has to catch on time and throw back. The time to catch gets shorter each throw.
  4. Reflexy - Reflexy is a one-player game. The object is to quickly press the button that matches the color in the center LED. You go until you miss or are too late. The time to react gets shorter each turn. After the game, your score is flashed ~ Center = x10, Red LED = x1. Press the Red Side Button three times to restart.

Molten Voltage also offers a Thumb Stadium Game Chip 2 that you can install on the mini-console with four more games (well, the last one isn't much of a game):

And if you get tired of all those games, you can also program your own with the Microchip 12F629 PIC Microcontroller, provided you're creative enough to imagine more ways to make use of the limited display.

You can find more information on Thumb Stadium, links to online retailers, and details on how to create your own games at the product's official site.