Organizers for Mini Ludum Dare, a monthly version of the tri-annual Ludum Dare competition challenging developers to create a game around a particular theme in 48 hours, held its tenth event last weekend, and the entries are now uploaded and online for everyone to try out for free. Mini Ludum 10's theme: domestic violence.

As depressing as that theme sounds, Noonat managed to produce a fun platformer with Queens, though he admits that he did work on it a bit longer than the allotted time. The game has you controlling a series of queens through a dungeon filled with traps (perhaps a dungeon built specifically by the Henry VIII-esque king for the easy disposal of his wives?).

Having to restart the game each time after you die can get annoying, but it's a really short experience, and once you've trained your finger when to hit X, you should be able to run through Queens in less than two minutes.

As with every other game I've seen built with Adam "Atomic" Saltsman's Flixel engine, Queens' minimal graphics are charming and efficient. You can see a bit of it in this video I recorded (this was before I figured out how to get through that dangerous hall!).

Terry Cavanagh's (Don't Look Back) entry, The Best Years of my Life (pictured), is also a short platformer but more dispiriting and requiring two players. Both players sit at one keyboard, guiding a bickering couple as they clean their house.

Mighty Jill Off developer Anna "Auntie Pixelante" Anthropy astutely notes, "The players’ roles are equal at the outset of the game but become increasingly asymmetrical as the game goes on. In Terry’s game, the controls represent control, and how it shifts in an abusive relationship."

You can see and play the other Mini Ludum Dare 10 entries, which include titles like Domestic Abuse: The Fighting Game! and March of the Zombies at the Ludum Dare blog.