Accessing Twitter with a Commodore 64 was impressive, but Dan Nichols has managed to hook up an even more unlikely system with limited capabilities to the social networking/micro-blogging service -- the Meggy Jr.

To display Twitter, the 8x8 RGB LED handheld is hooked up to a computer running a "Processing application" via a USB-TTL cable. The display then scrolls through the five more recent tweets from people you're following. According to Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories's (the company behind the Meggy Jr.) Windell Oskay, who posted the above video, "The camera fails to capture how smooth the animation looks."

While this MeggyTwit application is a neat idea, the setup limits the Meggy Jr.'s portability, and the scrolling tweets lose their novelty before the first user's name finishes running across the screen. Next Twitter/console project I hope to see: displaying tweets on a Thumb Stadium.