Launched in late April, Kickstarter is a neat site that allows creative types -- artists, musicians, bloggers, journalists, game developers, etc. -- raise money for their projects by offering multiple tiers of incentives to patrons.

Creators set a fundraising, deadline, and rewards depending on the pledge amount, and if backers front enough cash before the deadline, the money goes towards the project's execution. If the fundraising goal isn't met, those who pledged a donation aren't charged anything. (GSW conducted an interview with Kickstarter's Perry Chen last month.)

Kind of Bloop, a project (started by's Andy Baio) looking to bring together notable chiptune artists and recreate Miles Davis's "Kind of Blue" album with an 8-bit sound, is a great example of a Kickstarter success story, raising its goal amount of $2,000 in a single day. After less than a month, Kind of Bloop raised over $5,700, with 60 days left until its fundraising deadline.

The project was able to attract backers not just based on its interesting premise, but because it offered advance access to the album, behind the scenes updates, limited edition CDs, and more to donators. Each project also has blog-like updates and a comment section, allowing patrons to leave feedback and potentially help guide the project's direction.

Actual game projects are beginning to appear on the site too, such as High Strangeness an action adventure title that its Portland-based three-man team hopes to release in 2010 for PC and Xbox Live Community Games.

The project is described as a 12-bit game, as its planned "visual aesthetics lie somewhere between that of 8-bit (Nintendo) and 16-bit (Super Nintendo)". You can read about its Mother-esque plot below:

"Our video game is about a boy living in current day middle America, who awakes in the middle of the night to find that his home has been intruded upon by shadowy villains. He soon finds himself on a quest to discover the secrets of a mysterious item, after unwittingly being dragged into a foreign world filled with the evil and mysterious Shadow Men. Hesitant at first, our hero eventually realizes his role in a cosmic battle for peace throughout all universes."

The group has already posted a video promoting the project and an excellent music track from the game (composed by chiptune artist Rich "Disasterpeace" Vreeland). As incentives, they are offering spots on the game's end credits, a limited edition version of the soundtrack, a High Strangeness T-shirt, a high quality print of game art, and a "highly limited, hand crafted, super-secret collectors' item inspired by the game's plot".

The team has raised $791 so far for High Strangeness, over half of its goal amount in two weeks, with 77 days left until its deadline.