Before there was the Soulja Boy Dance, the Stanky Leg, or even the Crazy Frog Bros., there was this three-year old tearing the club up at one of Nintendo's early 90s Powerfest events. The festival apparently promoted Mario-themed fruit snacks by providing a small set where attendees could make their own music video.

The kids would dance along to a hip-hop song about the fruit snacks, as the rapper name dropped popular first-party characters like Zelda and Shyguys. Afterwards, the children would receive a free VHS tape of their performance.

Those of you who feel rap music has lost its way, that it's obsessed with violence, material wealth, and misogyny, will be happy to hear that this song has a positive, hopeful message buried in its shilling for artificially colored junk food. "Listen to the words I say. There's going to be a brighter day," the young rapper promises.

Thanks to the wonders and ease of video uploading/sharing, there are actually several of these performances online. You can watch a couple more below:

[Via @rdb_aaa]