Since it's the end of the weekend, it's evidently time to check out the top full-length features on Gamasutra, plus some bonus original news stories and interviews from Gama and sister edu site GameCareerGuide.

Some of the top stories for the week include an inspired Katamari Damacy interview, Ian Bogost on iPhone game pricing, learning about game design from mobile titles, some neat art from Defense Grid, and lots more.

Here's the highlights:

Think Like Takahashi: Noby, Katamari, Creativity, And Carpet
"Keita Takahashi, creator of Katamari Damacy and Noby Noby Boy, is generally more interested in art, life, and his dog, than the work of his creative peers - so Gamasutra tried bringing paper and pens to our interview, and here are the results."

Persuasive Games: I Want My 99ยข Back
"In his new column, writer and designer Ian Bogost looks at Apple's iPhone App Store -- and one of his game purchasers' demands to get his 99c back -- to discuss digital purchases, value, price point, and the 'race to the bottom' for iPhone games."

From Concept to Execution - The Art of Defense Grid: The Awakening
"The creators of Hidden Path's PC and upcoming XBLA title Defense Grid: The Awakening look at the visual concept work that went into the game's creation, suggesting that "pre-production concept development and visualization resulted in a much better looking game and in significantly reduced problems" during the title's development."

The Four Perspectives of Game Design: Insight from the Mobile Fringe
"What can you learn about game design from working on mobile titles? Cellphone game design veteran Ventrice (Guitar Hero Mobile), now working with iPhone developer Smule (Ocarina/Leaf Trombone) on music games, discusses the key conceptual layers of game building that are common to all titles."

From The Past To The Future: Tim Sweeney Talks
"In a special interview, Epic Games founder and technical guru Tim Sweeney discusses his career, from the company's birth in the shareware revolution through to present and future game technology challenges."

And bonus Gamasutra news/GameCareerGuide articles: GarageGames Veterans Found PushButton, Target 'Emerging Markets' Via Web; How a Game Gets Made: A Game's Journey from Concept to Store Shelves; Top Ten Things I Learned During My Programming Placement Year.