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Well, my E3 is about to kick off, and I'm afraid I'll be doing more business meetings than wonderful product demos - though I am looking forward to seeing and playing The Beatles: Rock Band a little in the week.

Anyhow, some of the highlights in here include MUD T-shirts from Richard Bartle, the making of Fool's Errand, a history of game accessibility, the making of Asteroids, and lots more.

Hay low:

QBlog: MUD1 T-shirts
Wow, the first ever MMO merchandising, I'm guessing: 'One of the people who bought it, Sue the Witch, complained that the words "majestic mountains" appeared right across her, well, majestic mountains. She later turned out to be a guy named Steve.'

“10 games in 10 hours” videos « Mark Cooke’s G-Mixer
Neat idea from the former Nihilistic, Grasshopper Manufacture coder, shown at a Pecha Kucha series in Tokyo.

The digital closet: online gaming struggles with gay voices - Ars Technica
Appreciate a piece on this topic.

How Legendary Puzzle Game Fool’s Errand Came to Be | GameLife | Wired.com
Some brief/neat extras: 'For all the YouTube clips and fan sites devoted to The Fool’s Errand, the eccentric Bristol, Connecticut, creator remains something of a puzzle himself. Just what kind of mind lurks behind the phenomenon?'

The Making Of: Asteroids | Edge Online
Nice piece on a classic title.

Able Gamers: A Brief History of Video Game Accessibility: The 1970's
Neat to see people looking into this in some detail.