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Phew, and Tuesday is upon us, and some more GameSetLinks, including GSW co-editor's site TinyCartridge continuing to document the chances of Retro Challenge 2 coming to the States -- shame that DSiWare can't take big games like this easily. (Or can it?)

Also in here: XKCD, a documentary featuring Chris Crawford and Jason Rohrer, a new TIGSource competition of interesting provenance (see the post title!), iPhone game sales, the top architecture used in games, and lots more.

The foals:

XSEED: Retro Game Challenge needs to sell at least 20,000 more copies [before it will consider localizing the acclaimed title’s sequel, Game Center CX 2] - Tiny Cartridge
'The publisher’s president Jun Iwasaki says that still isn’t enough, though, predicting XSEED needs to see a total of 100,000 units sold.' That's a fairly high number, from what I know about niche-ish DS release.

xkcd - A Webcomic - Game Theory
The slightly precocious webcomic gets game-related from time to time - like this!

The first 5 minutes of a documentary filmed at GDC this year with indie creator Rohrer, seminal CGDC founder/Balance Of Power creator Crawford - really amazing to see such high-quality cultural programming targeting games.

TIGSource: Adult/Educational Compo
V. interesting new indie game competition on TIGSource: 'The fact is that most game designers shy away from sex and education. They're difficult topics to sell directly in mainstream entertainment. But why not sex and education in games?'

Wolfire Blog - Black Shades iPhone Breaks 1000
Nice stats, also references my GDC slides... I wonder if I was too harsh on what the average iPhone game sells (I don't _think_ so, Wolfire has a fan base already.)

Top 10: The architecture of computer games (part I) | News | Architects Journal
This is very silly, and as such, I heartily approve.