Similar to Gamasutra's feature article with Keita Takahashi last month, which featured delightful marker art from the Katamari Damacy creator, gaming fansite N-Sider's recent interview with Little King's Story's director and producer Yoshiro Kimura offers a peek into the his sketchbook, or as the Lovedelic vet calls it, his "Zone Notes."

The piece includes two photos from the dozens of detailed sketches of other games Kimura has headed or worked on, such as Chulip and Rule of Rose. In addition to sharing art of Little King's Story, the Wii-exclusive real-time strategy title releasing next week, the director showed off a drawing of what looked like Little Red Riding Hood antagonized by a scraggly wolf.

"This is the next game I want to make," Kimura said, though it's unclear if he's serious about tackling that project. Another sketch that he showed off but N-Sider didn'capture was "an almost gruesome image of a Ferris wheel with tiny stick-people being wildly thrown off of it to the bottom where others struggle to catch them."

You can see larger versions of the sketches and read the full interview, which has the Little King Story creator discussing how much he had to drink to come up with the title's concept and how he wants to make a "darker, underground type game", at N-Sider.