Were it not for a few messages that appeared on my Twitter feed, I would have had no idea that Gamelab, the New York City-based developer behind popular casual titles like Diner Dash and Jojo's Fashion Show 2, closed its physical office last month.

As far as I know, the company didn't disclose any reasons for its shuttering, though with Gamelab laying off nearly half of its employees last October and with developers shutting down every week now it seems, it isn't difficult to imagine the cause.

Global Kids' Barry Joseph took a few photos from the studio's office closure sale with his camera phone, showing shoppers sifting through stacks of books and hauling away boxes of board games.

area/code's Frank Lantz also has a few sad pictures from the sale. It appears the company is not technically out of business quite yet, but is clearly a shadow of its former self.

Company co-founder Eric Zimmerman is not yet commenting on the office closure, presumably because there are still plans afoot. But the Gamelab site, which used to redirect to the Gamestar Mechanic online game co-produced by the developer, now displays a history of its three dozen games developed since its launch in 2000.