Creating a LocoRoco that will sing and split into many tiny, smiling blobs just like in the PSP games isn't feasible for most crafters' talents and budgets, so instead, why not construct a LocoRoco filled with candy?

Game journalists Tracey Lien and Alan Moore (no relation to the comic book writer, I assume!) posted a photo guides for making LocoRoco piñatas to help you do just that.

Using cheap supplies like newspapers, regular paper, glue, a big balloon, a coat hanger, paint, and of course sweets, you too can recreate the cute and colorful character.

If that sounds like too much work for you, Moore is actually running a competition to give away one of the piñatas pictured above -- all you need to to do to enter is suggest another gaming icon for their next piñata project before the end of next Tuesday.

So, what you should do after you make/win your LocoRoco piñata? Why not hang it from a tree so that blindfolded children can smack its paper body with sticks and gorge on its dripping candy? Eugh.