Nearly two years since he posted the last installment of Jmac's Arcade, software consultant Jason McIntosh has put up the sixth episode of his video series sharing his personal experiences growing up in the 1980s with arcade games on the south shore of Massachusetts.

This latest episode covers his obsession with Pac-Man, a fixation that was put behind him until Jamey Pittman's recent publication of The Pac-Man Dossier. The bit about McIntosh's loathing for the Atari 2600 port of Pac-Man is particularly excellent.

If you've never watched or listened to Jmac's Arcade, you really should! I've embedded McIntosh's first video below about Konami's 1981 arcade shoot'em up Scramble, so you can start from the beginning!

[Via Auntie Pixelante's Twitter]