This particularly balmy weekend is almost over - so time to wander around some of the week's top full-length features on Gamasutra, plus some bonus original news stories and interviews from Gama and sister edu site GameCareerGuide.

Particularly notable this time - a really nice longform Bill Roper interview, plus a chat with the Army Of Two franchise team at EA Montreal, alongside a detailed examination of DRM and games that birthed plenty of comments, notable audio and design articles, and bonus postmortems, mini-interviews and other goodness.

Go go gadget:

The Hard-Won Wisdom of Bill Roper
"Game development veteran Bill Roper played a key role in the rise of the seminal Warcraft and Diablo series throughout the 1990s, and then co-founded eventually ill-fated Hellgate developer Flagship Studios. Now at Cryptic Studios, he talks in-depth in a major Gamasutra retrospective interview."

The Future Of Game Audio - Is Interactive Mixing The Key?
"In the first part of a new analysis, high-end game audio veteran Rob Bridgett (Scarface, 50 Cent: Blood In The Sand) examines Skywalker Sound's mixing on the remastered Ghost In The Shell movie, then extrapolates to ask - is real-time mixing of sound effects, music and dialog in games an important part of the future of AAA game audio?"

Beyond Play: Analyzing Player-Generated Creations
"In this bonus Gamasutra design article, academic Tolino introduces his own classification for player-generated content, explaining what makes game player-created content special -- from new levels through cosplay, glitching, and beyond."

Building Franchise Power: An Army Of Two Interview
"EA Montreal's Army Of Two: The Fortieth Day is due later this year, and in this Gamasutra interview, new creative director Alex Hutchinson, fresh from Spore, and executive producer Reid Schneider, returning from the previous game, discuss the elements that came together to create the over the top franchise."

Examining Game Pace: How Single-Player Levels Tick
"In this in-depth article, veteran designer Mark Davies looks at games from Call Of Duty 4 through Dead Space to analyze the art of game level pacing."

PC Game Piracy: Why Bother With DRM?
"As the controversy over DRM in PC games continues, Gamasutra talks to 2D Boy and Stardock on their attempts to pioneer less restrictive or even non-existent DRM, as Ubisoft and EA comment on their loosening of protection controls for Prince Of Persia and The Sims 3."

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