The sesquipidalians at Scottish digital toy and game company Denki (Denki Blocks!) revealed that its forthcoming XBLA title, Quarrel, will include the Collins Official Scrabble Dictionary, so that players will have a wide selection of words (over 114,000) to choose from in this boardgame mix of Risk, Countdown, and Scrabble.

In Quarrel, up to four players "strive for dominance through the creation of the most complex and valuable words to capture and colonise the territories formerly held by their contemporaries".

“I cannot begin to express adequately my satisfaction with the conclusion of this transaction,” says Denki's managing director Colin Anderson. "I am quite literally ‘cock-a-hoop’, or jubilant if you will."

He continues, in borderline twee Belle and Sebastian style: "The primary concern of the individuals who have become party to our plans for the future of Quarrel has been the provenance and credibility of the vocabulary within the aforementioned product. The accord with Collins provides our game with the ne plus ultra of dictionaries within this particular bailiwick. Instantly rendering this query non applicable.”