Psytronik Software, the same studio behind the Armalyte PC conversion we featured yesterday, plans to release a new and original game for Commodore 64 this June, Knight 'n' Grail. The clever title betrays its simple plot: you're a knight on a quest to find the legendary Holy Grail.

The studio's gameplay description, however, sounds like something that will be of interest fans of the Metroid series or Koji Igarashi's Castlevania games:

"The game begins in a castle which you must explore. Scattered around are switches that open up new areas when you smash them with your sword. You must also find special suits of armour and swords which are important for your quest."

Sounds like a Metroidvania/Castleroid, right? According to Psytronik's Jason "Kenz" Mackenzie, who is playtesting Knight 'n' Grail and posted a preview, the game will have over 200 screens split into different scrolling areas, with "various monsters and an assortment of rather large bosses".

Embedded below is a gameplay video from an Alpha version. I love the music!

I'm really impressed that most of the code and design was handled by Mikael Tillander, a newcomer to the Commodore 64 development scene (this will be his first release), with some graphics help from HÃ¥kon 'Archmage' Repstad.

Some other cool features in the game -- a mine-cart for traveling through a portion of the castle, a "well of wishes" that teleports you from one part of the map to another (a useful, familiar feature for Castlevania fans), and elemental weapons and armor (e.g. water sword will hurt fire enemies, earth armor protects you from snakes).

You can download and play a preview of Knight 'n' Grail without music from the C-64 Scene Database.