Another painful reminder of the chiptune shows that I never get to enjoy, living in the Midwest! This performance, put on by Soichi Terada last March at New York City's Bowery Ballroom, has the masked artist playing his single "Yosawya San" with a flat panel display, a Kaossilator Dynamic Phrase Synthesizer, and KORG DS-10 music software running on a Nintendo DS.

Omodaka is a collaborative project between Terada and various visual artists, their music and accompanying videos combined "with the result being a piece of art whose music and visual aspects are fully unified aesthetically, with neither aspect over-emphasized as to overshadow the other," according to music site HearJapan.

For this song (and many of Terada's others), the composer/remixer worked with veteran Enka singer Kanazawa Akiko. You can see Omodaka's original music video for "Yosawya San" below:

[Via True Chip Til Death]