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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Akutou's Vector Valentine, Alomar

Freelance graphic designer Thomas "Akutou" Pereira posted a pair of vector illustrations featuring Resident Evil heroines, series regular Jill Valentine and Resident Evil 5's Sheva Alomar.

The Valentine piece is actually based on this original art from Ryu's Form Site (NSFW), but Pereira's more colorful version is still worth appreciating. Plus, the Alomar illustration and its colors have a Miami feel that I love. The tiny hearts on both illustrations are great, too!

The two pieces:


I'm struggling to work out why exactly this is something worth reporting on the front page of GameSetWatch?

Borderline racism and sexism, and it's being reported as news?

This is a terrible post. Why did you post this? I don't see Eric Caoili listed under contributors in the sidebar and I hope I don't see him authoring any further posts on GSW.

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