The fourth and newest issue of quarterly French gaming lifestyle mag Amusement -- which our own Kevin Gifford lauds as "a mixture of Edge and a European fashion magazine" -- will come with an RFID tag attached to its second page, a global first for any magazine, according to Amusement's claims.

Readers touch the tag to an RFID Mir:ror scanner, which sends a request to a server and opens digital applications. The first edition unlocks a game designed by indie developer Mark "Messhof" Essen, an interactive multi-user application by Digital Shadow, an interactive installation by Factoids and The Tone, a 3D video by Gkaster, and wallpapers by Philippe Jarrigeon.

You can preview a few excellently laid-out and somewhat NSFW pages from the new issue (in French) on Amusement's site. Hopefully, an English edition will also be available in the U.S., as editor-in-chief Abdel Bounane revealed last year that there were plans to bring the magazine stateside and to the UK in 2009. There's a good possibility of it happening, considering that Amusement put out an English press release to announce this RFID gimmick!