I haven't visited Muxtape much since the RIAA transformed the former user-uploaded music playlist site into a platform for promoting select independent artists, but the addition of chip music group Anamanaguchi to its list of featured artists raises an interested eyebrow, especially with it sharing space with indie favorites like of Montreal and Amanda Palmer.

At Anamanaguchi's core is Peter Berkman, who was the driving force behind the band's acclaimed first release Power Supply, and later brought in Ary Warnaar, James Devito, and Luke Silas to fill out the group for live performances. The four-man crew certainly stands out from Muxtape's other featured bands for its blend of traditional instruments -- guitars, bass, drums -- with a hacked NES and Game Boy.

Anamanaguchi's collaboration with Muxtape comes at an opportune time, just a month after the release of its sophomore album Dawn Metropolis, and only a couple weeks after its DATAPOP 2009 performance at SXSW. Those of you who haven't yet been exposed to the "hyper-melodic, electric powerpop" would do well to start with the three Dawn Metropolis sample tracks at Muxtape -- Blackout City, Dawn Metropolis, and Mermaid.

Though you can listen to, watch videos for, and buy the entire album on the band's dedicated Dawn Metropolis site, this Muxtape hub also has band member Peter Berkman's recent chiptune cover of Wavves' So Bored, and will presumably host more B-sides in the future -- perhaps Anamanaguchi's reimagined version of Mariah Carey's All I Want for Christmas Is You?

On the topic of goofy micromusic, did anyone else get a kick out of "chiptune media sharing" site 8bitcollective's April Fools prank the other day, replacing all its streaming songs with an LSDJ cover of The Girl from Ipanema?