Steparu, which covers foreign online games, put up a curious review of Nexon's odd MMORPG Husky Express. Created by Mabinogi-developer DevCat Studios, the game doesn't feature player versus player combat or even enemy mobs to grind against -- instead, Husky Express focuses on nurturing your dog-sledding team and making deliveries to different outposts.

The game, however, includes other traditional genre elements, like story quests, equipment upgrades, and resource farming. It also implements cool ideas like reselling items you've bought from NPC stores to nearby towns for extra profit (which isn't common in most MMORPGs), the importance of weather when planning your travels and deliveries, and the special abilities of the higher level dogs -- some can smell goods to determine the quality of products, and others have a leadership instinct that will enable your pack to jump crevices and cliffs.

You can watch a trailer for the game after the break, and see more videos on Steparu's review: