On the heels of the first YouTube-posted Mega64 clip that originally debuted at the Game Developers Conference's IGF and Game Developers Choice Awards, the comedy skit crew posted two more videos from the event.

The first of which is this stirring homage to both independent games and Chris Dane Owens' romantic fantasy music video for Shine On Me (part of a trilogy!):

If you end up humming the song all day with the words "Have you played World of Goo? Feels like God is kissing you" stuck in your head, you can download the MP3 for “Topher Great Payens - The GDC” from Mega64's site. Also, a quick warning -- posting a link to this YouTube video in your work's Campfire chat room will result in something both embarrassing and horrifying.

The second Mega64 video uploaded today uses less horses and more punches to promote the indie gaming agenda:

It has traces of Andy Samberg's People Getting Punched Right Before Eating SNL digital short, but with Dan Paladin instead of Jon Bon Jovi, both being wonderful artists in their respective fields.