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Getting back to things, post-GDC, we're going to be running eight GameSetLinks instead of six for the next few updates, thanks to all of the awesome links that have been cropping up over the past few weeks, and require collating.

Some of the notables in this set - Clive Thompson on The Maw's perfecto length, Wolfire on indie game promotion, Petri Purho on the making of Crayon Physics Deluxe, and lots more besides.

Pee Wee Herman:

Wired.com: 'In Praise of the 3-Hour Game'
' Is The Maw really too short? Or is it more possible that other games are simply too long?'

Infovore » Ugly Games are Finished Games
'...Next-gen is empowerment. Making games is easier than ever before. And not just the programming part - the “making games on your own computer” part of the equation. I mean making games that other people can play.'

collision detection: Teleportation, the last battle, and the Creator talks: How the world ends inside an online game
Says some really nice things about Chris Remo's 'death of Tabula Rasa' GSW column, yay.

Why GDC matters more than ever | Gaming and Culture - CNET News
One more from GDC, and a really nice heartfelt story that makes me happy to help on the show.

Kotaku: 'Gdc09: Mega 64 Becomes Kotaku'
Heehee, 'N'Gage Croal'!

Wolfire Blog - 5 Indie PR Tips from Wolfire
These indie game guys get it re:publicity...

dobbschallenge2.com - Dr. Dobb's Picks: Best Levels (23rd March)
This is the Silverlight-powered game made by Adam Atomic and friends for GSW sister site Dr. Dobbs Journal - there's even a 'masocore'-style level in this first set of user-generated levels!

AVC at GDC '09: An Interview with Crayon Physicist Petri Purho | Games | A.V. Club
A very interesting chat to Petri, particularly his comments on the iPhone version of Crayon Physics Deluxe.