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Back once again with the ill behavior, or at least the ill link-havior, if that's even a word, and this set of GameSetLinks leads off with another discuss of Metacritic - but I think a detailed and interesting one, so there.

Also in here - Crispy Gamer on the Wild Pockets Game Jam, plus IGF retrospectives, alternative news gathering methods, and cartoon guys questioning the future of 3D in films (and perhaps therefore games).

Myths... busted:

Spectre Collie » Blog Archive » Generally Unfavorable
'None of the criticisms (or defenses) of Metacritic I’ve read have really described how deeply flawed the whole situation is.'

Crispy Gamer - Feature: No Sleep 'til Pac-Man
Really nice piece: 'In the case of the Wild Pockets Game Jam, held last weekend at Microsoft's Silicon Valley campus, the contestants had 24 hours to do their thing.'

Eegra: Chicken Wallowing Tit-Slags : Who Is Kevin VanOrd, and Why Is His Jaw Tired?
Kinda a sarcastic pointless takedown, but also quite readable: 'Kevin VanOrd is an editor at Gamespot and syndicated videogame journalist, but he’s also a pretty hungry guy.'

D-pad Studio's GDC/IGF retrospective
Noticed this a bit late, but there's a really nice detailed write-up of IGS, IGF, GDC etc in here from the Owlboy creators.

The newsroom: where alternate workflows go to die at Newsless.org
Again, an interesting conundrum for any journalist - what do you cover, how much, and why?

3-D is a Fad | Cartoon Brew: Leading the Animation Conversation
Relevant for games, too: 'The 3-D gimmick didn’t last in the 1950s, nor the 80s. It wasn’t because the process was more primitive - it wasn’t. Animated films (or any films) today are going to be successful in 2D or 3D, hand drawn or CGI, due to one thing: story - not special effects or 3-D.'