Eurocom founder and director Neil Baldwin is offering a rare look at the history and process behind his soundtracks for the British studio's NES games. Along with sharing streaming and downloadable versions of his NES music, Baldwin has been posting track by track analyses with technical details, as well as overviews of his inspirations and ambitions for each particular game.

So far, he has posted breakdowns for Magician, James Bond Jr., and Lethal Weapon 3, the last of which he admits was a lackluster release in this honest paragraph:

"Sometime around 1992, Eurocom was in trouble. We had no money (actually, make that negative money) and the relationship with the publisher of what would've been our third proper NES title deteriorated to the point that the game was never released (more on this in future updates). We couldn't afford to really pay ourselves and Lethal Weapon 3 was one of those projects that came along that we had to do just to pay the bills. This didn't go unnoticed."

Baldwin intends to add more examinations of his game soundtracks, documenting his work and experiences in roughly chronological order.