Super Meat Boy creator Edmund McMillen and programmer Tommy Refenes have big plans for their indie platformer, a PC and WiiWare port of Flash game Meat Boy. Along with the game's new art direction, they expect to include around 100 levels and several multiplayer modes -- co-op, versus, and a four-player party mode.

McMillen revealed earlier this month that he's enlisted 12 independent developers who've donated their characters as unlockables for Super Meat Boy's versus mode, whom players can access by collecting band-aids scattered throughout the game's stages (there may be a PC- or Wii-exclusive unlockable). One of those characters will be Braid's time-tampering protagonist Tim, McMillen disclosed in an interview posted on Wii's Nintendo Channel yesterday.

You can watch the interview, ripped and posted by game weblog GoNintendo, as well as some in-game footage here (the first half of the clip is another Nintendo Channel interview with Ronimo Games about Swords and Soldiers):

Towards the end, Refenes promises with a laugh, "It's just going to be the most epic game ever on WiiWare ... ever, of all games, of all time." I will hold him to that promise!

In other Super Meat Boy news, gaming blogs were up in arms yesterday after catching wind of a Super Meat Boy advertisement McMillen created for the game earlier this month, which you can see here:

He has since replaced the image with a version that doesn't have the Hitler text on the official Super Meat Boy weblog, not commenting on the change, but you can still find the original ad on McMillen's personal site.