[Every week, IndieGames.com: The Weblog editor Tim W. will be summing up some of the top free-to-download and commercial indie games from the last seven days, as well as any notable features on his sister 'state of indie' weblog.]

This week on 'Best Of Indie Games', we take a look at some of the top independent PC Flash/downloadable titles released over this last week.

The delights in this edition include the much-anticipated release of Braid for PC, an innovative 3D sliding tile puzzler, a Flash game with gorgeous visuals, a 'kiss-shmup', a multiplayer action game with real toy tanks to drive, and an experiment in narration from the melded minds of Terry Cavanagh and increpare.

Game Pick: 'Braid' (Number None Inc., commercial indie - demo available)
"The PC edition of Braid is out now on a variety of digital distribution channels. This Windows version has a couple of features which weren't included in the Xbox Live Arcade release, such as keyboard controls, multiple display settings, and an extremely cool level editor that will soon be put to good use by the community when extending the life and value of the critically-acclaimed gaming experience."

Game Pick: 'Cogs' (Lazy 8 Studios, commercial indie - demo available)
"Cogs is a sliding tile puzzle game where players must slide tiles around (some have cogs attached to them - hence the name), in order to line the toothy dials up and complete a number of different scenarios ranging from blasting rockets into space and ringing bells in time with each other. If these kinds of puzzles are your cup of tea, then there's plenty of fun to be had here."

Game Pick: 'Scarygirl' (Touch My Pixel, browser)
"Scarygirl is a completely free to play flash game which involves platforming, adventure, puzzle and even fighting-game style elements. The visuals are incredible and the content is absolutely expansive with over fourteen levels of gameplay to plow through."

Game Pick: 'RCTiger' (RCTiger team, browser)
"The concept of RCTiger is that a few remote-controlled toy tanks are connected wirelessly to the net, which can then be driven by players joining in timed battle sessions through their browsers. The 'World's First Remote Controlled Internet Battle' is now free as the wind, with battles happening 24/7 so there's no excuse not to give this a go."

Game Pick: 'Kissma' (Party-Tencho, browser)
"A score-based horizontal shooter with large blocky sprites and liberal use of vibrant colours, in which players must try to score as many points as they can under the strict time limit of sixty seconds. Quirky yet rather satisfying to play in short bursts."

Game Pick: 'Judith' (Terry Cavanagh and Stephen Lavelle, freeware)
"A new release from Mr. Rara Racer? Ooh la la. Judith is a collaborative effort between Terry Cavanagh and increpare, two developers known to the community for their imaginative and inventive games. Spooky, spine-chilling and intriguing are some of the words that could be used to describe this experimental work without spoiling too much of what it is all about."