xnabestof.png [Every week, sister site GamerBytes' editor Ryan Langley passes along the top console digital download news tidbits from the past 7 days, including brand new game announcements and scoops through the world of Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and WiiWare.]

This week has been quite a large one for us at GamerBytes - there has been a lot of discussion circling about the XNA Community Games since sales figures are now available to developers. We exclusively revealed over 25 games' sales and how well they have been doing. It's a little all over the place, but it's an excellent resource for upcoming developers.

This week's released include the indie developed Dishwasher: Dead Samurai on XBLA, the points and multiplier based Burn Zombie Burn and turn based Worms on the PlayStation Network, with Comet Crash coming out later this week, and Bonsai Barber for WiiWare - an interesting game where you give each tree a trim using the Wii Remote.

Here are the top stories of the week:

GamerBytes Originals

GamerBytes Analysis: XNA Community Games Sales Data Revealed
We exclusively reveal selected sales data for XNA Community Games.

GamerBytes Analysis: More XNA Data, And A Look At Sales Trends
We look at the top days of sales for the XNACG, as well as reveal more promising data for other games.

GDC '09 Coverage

GDC '09 Roundup - All The Media You Can Muster
A giant list of all the video and hands on for XBLA, PSN and WiiWare projects.

XNA Community Games

Casual Game SuperCow Now On XNA Community Games
SuperCow, a popular game on PC casual portals such as Big Fish Games and GameHouse, is now up on the XBL Community Games circuit - and it's pretty good.

XNA RoundUp #11 - Solar, Battle Havoc
Control your own galaxy with Solar, or shoot stuff in a trajectory based multiplayer shooter.

Community Games Can Now Change Prices, Many Games Now Cheaper
Buy even more Community Games for a much cheaper price.

Xbox Live Arcade

DishWasher: Dead Samurai And Cheap Alien Hominid HD Now Available
Hack and slash secret agents this week in both XBLA titles.

Wolfenstein 3D Coming To XBLA And PSN
Play as "B.J." Blazkowicz once again and destroy Cyber Hitler.

First Screens of NECTARIS: Military Madness
As grey as ever, but looking good.

The Original Call Of Duty Coming To Consoles For The First Time
The only Call of Duty not available on a console coming our way through the XBLA and PSN.

Halfbrick Announce Raskulls For XBLA
The Skull King's favorite pastime is "kinging".

PlayStation Network

NA PSN Store Update - Burn Zombie Burn, Worms PSN
Burn zombies and blow up squishy pink people.

EU PSN Store Update - Burn Zombie Burn! And PAIN Expansions
Don't forget to burn the zombies - it's in the title, after all.

Curve Studios' Explodemon Blasts Onto The Scene
It's Mega Man meets Iron Man's color palette in this cool sidescrolling platformer.

GDC '09 - GameTrailers Interviews Dylan Cuthbert On PixelJunk Eden: Encore
Get the latest on this PixelJunk expansion.

GDC '09: Fat Princess Media Blowout
16-on-16 battles with cute little men, while stuffing the face of a porky princess.


NA WiiWare Update: Bonsai Barber, Super Punch Out!!
Trim the sides off trees in this bizarre but surprisingly good game.

EU WiiWare Update - Texas Hold'em Tournament
Online poker for only 500 Wii Points.

GDC '09: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life As a Darklord Makes You Defend Actual Towers
The sequel to My Life As A King changes things up a bit.

GDC '09: Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Finally Confirmed For WiiWare
Phone-based RPG sequel to a SNES game makes its way to WiiWare.

GDC '09: Rock N' Roll Climber Ultimate Spider-Man Simulator
Want to rock climb without actually climbing rocks? Well you're in luck.