Since I was involved in co-organizing the IGF Awards and Game Developers Choice Awards this year (although full credit to Izora DeLillard, Stephanie Nix, and a host of other amazing people for actually, uhh, doing the hard work!), I had a chance to interact with those beautiful lunatics at Mega64, who did five custom skits for the awards this year.

They'll be rolling them out gradually onto YouTube and their own site (psst, support them and buy stuff!), I'm guessing, but I'll probably link them here too, with some fun, bonus facts, if I know anything about them!

First up, Metal Gear Solid 4, with not one but TWO special guests, at least in this version:

Bonus facts alert:

- This was the only Mega64 skit we didn't see significantly in advance of the awards, for obvious reasons (they were filming on the day before the show!) We saw it for the first time about two hours before the awards started.
- Presuming you know this, but the setting where the 'reveal' comes (at the Moscone Center in San Francisco) is exactly the same location (and camera angle) as the New Super Mario Bros skit they did for the Choice Awards in 2007.
- The version of this skit shown during the awards is a little bit shorter and doesn't actually _have_ the micro-cameo from, uhh, the second person who I won't name for spoiler reasons. I was pretty surprised when I saw the extended version this morning.

(The show version is viewable on GameSpot's video coverage, for Mega64 completists, but don't look at the other skits!)