So hopefully you won't be tiring of these cross-posted roundups (look for some GameSetWatch changes and enhancements after GDC which should space 'em out, yay!), but we're ever-expanding Gamasutra coverage after our redesign, yay.

Here's the most notable new features of the week, including an excellent Alex Evans/Media Molecule interview from Brandon Sheffield, our Games Of 2020 winners, the history of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, some neat magazine column reprints on audio and art, and lots more.

Here's the week's highlights:

LittleBigGalaxy? Alex Evans On What's Next For Media Molecule
"LittleBigPlanet co-creator Alex Evans has a multitude of fascinating opinions on development, game criticism, and where his company is going next, all showcased in this in-depth Gamasutra interview."

Game Artists: The Three Cardinal Rules
"What guidelines do video game artists need to follow to succeed? Volition manager Self-Ballard draws from his experience to suggest three key traits of the best game art creators."

Gameplay Fundamentals: The Identity Crisis in the Racing Genre
"In this design article, veteran EA, Radical and THQ designer Mike Lopez looks at the make-up of the racing game genre, asking what factors truly differentiate one title from another, and how we can communicate them effectively to players."

The History of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater: Ollies, Grabs, and Grinds
"In a detailed historical article, Loguidice and Barton chart the $1 billion skating game franchise's genesis and evolution, from its antecedents to the present day."

Ahead of the Curve
"In this specialized audio article, LucasArts' Harlin discusses crossfading and shaping for good music edits."

Can You Create A Must-Have Wii Game?
"What are consumers looking for in Wii games? Producers from Ubisoft and Midway and analyst Michael Pachter weigh in on making a successful Wii title, from developer choice to box art and beyond."

Games Of 2020 - The Winners
"What will games be like in the year 2020? Gamasutra's competition gave away 20 GDC All-Access Passes and had more than 150 excellent entries -- here are the winning essays."