Yikes, it's the end of the weekend already, so time to recap some of the week's top full-length features on Gamasutra, plus a few other notable news and opinion pieces from the site.

Some of the neatest things here - a comprehensive, smart Global Game Jam report, plus an awesome designer overview from an EA veteran, a detailed John Carmack interview on Quake Live and other projects, the completely amazing Pac-Man Dossier, a great XNACG postmortem, and more.

Here's the best of the week:

Gamasutra Features

The 13 Basic Principles of Gameplay Design
"In an intriguing design feature, EA and Page 44 veteran Allmer re-imagines the famous '12 Principles Of Animation' for games - adding a principle along the way!"

Building Quake Live: Carmack Speaks
"As Quake Live debuts to massive demand, Gamasutra sits down with Id's John Carmack and Marty Stratton to discuss its making, tech specifics, and iPhone plans."

Global Game Jam 2009: A Worldwide Report
"Gamasutra goes behind the scenes at the Global Game Jam, which saw 1650 developers make 370 games at 53 worldwide locations in just 48 hours."

Sponsored Feature: Designing the Framework of a Parallel Game Engine
"In this sponsored Gamasutra feature, part of the Visual Computing Microsite, Intel application engineer Jeff Andrews discusses how single-threaded game engines may increasingly be outclassed by multithreaded solutions that are more sophisticated, but also more complex to create and optimize."

Postmortem: Singapore-MIT GAMBIT's CarneyVale: Showtime
"In this Gamasutra-exclusive postmortem, the creators of IGF Grand Prize finalist and XNA Community Games standout CarneyVale: Showtime discuss what went right and wrong during its creation."

The Pac-Man Dossier
"What design and AI lessons can we learn from Namco's seminal Pac-Man? From history through behavior, Gamasutra presents a comprehensive game guide."

Gamasutra News & Originals

Interview: Marvelous' Wada Talks Style Challenges Of Western Development
"Why are Japanese studios challenged in adopting the West's development style? Marvelous (Harvest Moon) president and CEO Yasuhiro Wada explains -- and also discusses the publisher's multiplatform reluctance."

In-Depth: InstantAction's Browser Gaming, Facebook, iPhone Plans
"Ending its beta with 1.4 million users, browser-based 3D gaming site InstantAction.com (Fallen Empire: Legions) execs Andy Yang and Brett Seyler tell Gamasutra about web browser plugin support for all major game engines, plus newly revealed plans for Facebook and iPhone support."

EA COO: EA Hit By 'Perfect Storm' In 2008, 'We Didn't Make Hits'
"Electronic Arts COO John Pleasants admitted to a Goldman Sachs tech conference that the company was hit by "a perfect storm" in 2008 and simply "didn't make hits" -- but it has readjusted its business plan and is looking to a strong 2009."