Yikes, it's the end of the weekend already, so time to recap some of the week's top full-length features on Gamasutra - plus bonus features from our student site GameCareerGuide.

Some really good stuff in here this week - including a nice Chris Remo chat to The Creative Assembly folks, Paul Hyman on making money with Flash games, a controversial Brian Green piece on legitimacy for game developers (do we really need to ask?), Noah Falstein on Darwin and lessons for developers, and more.

Here are the top stories:

PC Heritage, Bright Future: The Creative Assembly Interview
"Sega-owned UK developer The Creative Assembly (Total War) has some unique views on the enduring nature of 'core' PC games, as the studio's Kieran Brigden explains to Gamasutra."

Sponsored Feature: Light It Up! Quake Wars Gets Ray Traced
"Ray tracing can offer amazing graphical renderings, but it is often seen as too computationally taxing for real-time use. In this sponsored article, part of the Intel Visual Computing microsite, David Pohl of Intel's ray tracing group discusses how his team brought their past successes with the technique to Splash Damage's multiplayer shooter Enemy Territory: Quake Wars."

Design Language: Design by Darwin
"Veteran game designer Noah Falstein (Sinistar, Koronis Rift) commemorates Charles Darwin's birthday with an insightful look at how Darwin's evolutionary ideas have influenced game design."

Emerging Issues in In-Game Advertising
"In-game ad deals can benefit both game developers and advertisers -- experienced game lawyers Boyd and Lalla discuss business and contextual considerations for in-game advertising."

Legitimacy For Game Developers
"How can video games and developers achieve cultural 'legitimacy', and what does that even mean? Veteran developer Green explores how it works in other disciplines, and ramifications for gaming."

Where's The Cash For Flash?
"Is there money to be made in Flash game development? It depends -- Gamasutra looks at the role that revenue streams and clever marketing play."

Bonus GameCareerGuide.com highlights: GameCareerGuide's Game Design Challenge Restaurant Game; Master's Thesis: Game Design and Architecture; Results from the Game Design Challenge: Suess It.