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Having discovered a second burst of steam, here's some more top links from our multitude of RSS feeds over the past few days - and I particularly like the discussion on Flatfingers' blog on Star Trek Online and reaction to lack of expansive player ship interiors.

Why? Because it shows how difficult it is to please fans on a lot of major properties where the action is both micro and macro, and gives a good range of reactions, both logical and heartfelt. Also in here - XBLA charts, Ben Mattes, Chris Bateman, a Backbone pitch for Street Fighter IV, and more.

Las Vegas Hilton:

T=Machine » A game dev studio made of Graduates
'Until you’ve got your company established, and some of your grads have found their natural places both professionally and within your specific company, you need to do everything you can to keep from killing their spirit and optimism.'

Theory by Flatfingers: Player Ship Interiors and Star Trek Online... Again
Interesting in that it accurately dissects messageboard reaction to a new Star Trek Online announcement on a 1-8 scale of 'hate it' to 'love it', with rather well-summarized points of view. Community lessons here, maybe.

Street Fighter IV Flashback [X360/PS3 - Concept] | Unseen 64: Beta, Unreleased & Unseen Videogames!
'Street Fighter IV Flashback was a concept created by Backbone Entertainment in 2006, to try to pitch a full project at Capcom' - not sure if this was David Sirlin designed? Might have heard dark rumblings about it a while back.

XBLA Sales Chart, 2/1/09-2/7/09 | VG Chartz.com
Buried in VGChartz' morasse of approximate information, the XBLA charts continue to give good info - and look at Castle Crashers continuing to sell, blimey.

toomuchimagination: How to get your partner into gaming
The Prince Of Persia producer on why the "biggest change for me is the arrival (en masse it seems) of casually accessible hardcore games - titles that aren't just playable by both extremes but also _fun_ for both."

Tale of Tales » Interview with Chris Bateman (International Hobo, etc)
The interviewer and interviewee - somewhat academic, somewhat divisive, hee - complement each other well.