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Forging valiantly onwards, this midweek GameSetLinks starts out with David Edery putting forth some interesting points of view on Gabe Newell's DICE speech, and particularly how the industry has taken Newell's discussion of Left 4 Dead and price drops. I think Edery is at least partly right - numbers can always be deceptive.

Also in here - the best PC AGS graphic adventures of the year are honored, some approximate (but still interesting) WiiWare charts are exposed, Mega64 are extremely silly as per normal, the creator of IGF Mobile finalist Smiles explains his journey thus far, and much more.

A la ka zam:

Game Tycoon»Blog Archive » Console Game Prices
'I simply reject the flawed assertion that a big bump in revenues from a long-delayed price cut equals “proof” that launch prices are too high. It isn’t proof. It may be the opposite of proof.'

Gnome's Lair: The spectacular 2008 AGS Awards ceremony
The best PC freeware graphic adventures of last year, as voted by the community.

Channel Surfing: Virtual Console/WiiWare Sales Chart, W/E Feb 8th, 2009 | VG Chartz.com
These numbers are still basically invented (esp. compared to XBLA), but it's interesting to see at least some estimates for them.

YouTube - Mega64: Elite Beat Agents (HD)
This is silly, even for Mega64, but hey, it makes me grin.

A Tree Falling in the Forest: Citizen Kane of Games: Poisoning Young Developers' Minds Edition
'For years, scores of games designers worship at the false altar of film and emotion as measures for their art. Enough is enough.'

A Cheerfully Blunt Road Map « tooNormal
The creator of IGF Mobile finalist Smiles talks about his path so far, quiet success in the iPhone store, and what's next.