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Almost finishing up the week, this set of GameSetLinks is headed up by the 1UP RPG blog discussion of Falcom, one of those developers that never quite seems to get their due - although not all of their games are that awesome for today's discerning Western consumer, of course.

Also in here - a Black History Month-triggered interview about the Fairchild Channel F, plus Ultima Online, an Infinite Ammo interview, a great Sonic documentary, and a few other things besides.

Samba de amigo:

1UP's Retro Gaming Blog : The Mystery of Falcom
An interesting mini-discussion on the Japanese RPG maker: 'The company has built a loyal niche of fans in America almost in spite of itself.'

Vintage Computing and Gaming | Archive » VC&G Interview: Jerry Lawson, Black Video Game Pioneer
An excellent Benj Edwards interview with the designer of the Fairchild Channel F, the world's first cartridge-based video game system (released in 1976).

Ultima Online Article - Page 1 // MMO /// Eurogamer
'Where your City of Lord of the Warcrafts like to lay their landscapes out in a linear, tiered fashion - there's room at the top-level dungeons they're telling you still, but first you must learn how to smile as you kill fire beetles - UO presented its virtual Britannia just as it had appeared in offline Ultima games: open, detailed, and deeply interactive.'

GameTap Blog » Blog Archive » GameTap Premieres Four-Part Sonic Retrospective
Completely great video documentary on Sonic and friends.

The Reticule: 'GunsGunsGuns - An Interview with Infinite Ammo’s Alec Holowka'
Nice interview with an indie stalwart.

Low Fierce: The Dogface Show
A video cast about 'the culture of Street Fighter', indeed!