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Finishing up the weekend with some fine GameSetLinks, this set includes some notes on PSN's line-up for 2009 - apparently including slightly obscure but super-neat former IGF finalist Hammer Fall (pictured) -- as well as a couple of other fun GDC-related links.

Also hanging out in here - an epic iHobo thread starter on QTEs. Even I'm surprised about how QTEs have sneaked into games in recent years, after Shen Mue and friends, but in general, they work. Don't they? Do they? Questions!

Well well well:

GamerBytes - Comet Crash And Hammer Fall Announced For PSN
Notable cos Hammerfall was a slightly obscure but very neat Russian (Ukrainian?) IGF finalist last year, now coming to PS3 and PSN, yay.

Running the show at Game Developers Conference | Geek Gestalt - CNET News
Nice interview with my colleague Meggan, even had some stuff I didn't know about in it!

ihobo: For or Against QTEs
Some good devil's advocate work on the increasingly popular movie/game mechanic.

The Escapist : Can Art Be Games?
Good to see outlets talking about The Graveyard, art, games.

Indie game and artist all-stars collide at Giant Robot/Attract Mode's Game Over II - Offworld
Very neat, indie game notables and Giant Robot-related artists team up for special games, with an exhibition opening on the Friday of GDC.

An Adventure Tournament - Taking Inventory
A Compuserve tournament for the classic Adventure, 25+ years ago - online tournaments are old!