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Ah yes, the GameSetLinks slight return, and we start off this time with Steve Gaynor's 'getting into the industry' post over at Fullbright, which is correctly, usefully on topic as regards making the jump from interested gamer to actual game developer.

Also hanging out in the melting pot - MSX emulated games making another return to the West, a historical game jaunt in honor of Obama's presidency, Flash game postmortems, Ridge Racer retrospectives, and much more.

Flat Eric:

Fullbright: Informative
Good post by 2K Marin's Steve Gaynor on how he got into the industry - extremely, usefully practical.

How can a game teach a system? (Ethan Kennerly)
An interesting theoretical piece: 'Which games teach systems? And: What systems are they teaching? My experience playing games doesn't touch the tip of the iceberg, but here's a few of my opinions.'

1UP's Retro Gaming Blog : MSX digi-distribution to return with international Project EGG site
MSX is obscure, but lots of fun - and also notable: 'We expect to expand our cooperation with D4 Enterprise in many other ways as well, such as the distribution of games for the iPhone/iPodTouch via the Apple Appstore.'

Game Design Reviews: Excit: Post-Mortem
A fun to read postmortem of an Excel pastiche Flash game...

Vintage Computing and Gaming | Archive ยป The First Black Video Game Character
'In honor of this watershed moment in American history, I thought we should pay tribute to another African-American trailblazer: the first black video game character.'

Retrospective: Ridge Racer Revolution | Edge Online
These Edge mag retrospectives continue to be quite linkable. Shame they're now giving away basically all of their content online, giving me no motivation to subscribe, though.