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Zooming into the weekend, the GameSetLinks hath returned, with up front, a mysterious, now indie creator in Japan giving some rather handy tips on how to strike out on one's own.

Plenty more in here, though, with the Game Studies web zine returning with more smart articles, plus an awesome 1UP retro Konami music interview, plus Guitar Hero research, game journalism cheek tongue interfacing, IC's Sheffield ruling the waves Hirai-style, et cetera.

Forgive us:

Japanmanship: But more, much more than this…
Useful practical notes for the independent creator from the ex-pat in Japan.

Game Studies - Issue 0802, 2008
Aha, a new instalment, with World Of Warcraft talk and other neat semi-academic pieces - via Juul.

1UP's Retro Gaming Blog : An interview with Konami's Hidenori Maezawa, pt. 1
Absolutely excellent set of retro interviews with VRC6 guy - pt.2, pt.3.

insertcredit.com: 'Playstation 3 official leader of game industry, I am official leader of game journalism'
Sheffield is king! Long live the king!

Aion Gives NCsoft Triple Crown | Korea IT Times
With an oddly sandwiched interview with me about my judging for the Global Online Game Awards in December.

Alex Litel's Lackluster Emporium: What is games journalism?
Silly, still linking it.

guitar hero: a research blog: interview tidbits: on musicality in Guitar Hero and Rock Band
Kiri Miller, whose research we've featured on GSW a few times, has some good audio snippets about Guitar Hero as a cultural movement.